When Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM) is an Issue in a Car Accident Injury Claim

The following is a situation relayed to us from a chat transcript our office recently received regarding underinsured motorist coverage, or more accurately, the lack of it.  All chats initiated on our website are confidential, so all personal details have been omitted:

“I was hit by other driver when they failed to maintain their lane. I was driving a compact car and suffered serious, life-threatening injuries from the airbag. I spent nearly two weeks in ICU and required surgery.

“I have not yet received a dime from their insurance or my own. My insurance doesn’t cover a lot.

“My lawyer told me to expect about $20,000 settlement. I need help now if there is any money entitled to me. I can’t work and lost my job. I don’t know if my lawyer is handling it properly.”

This is such a sad circumstance, and one which could have been helped if only the driver who was so badly injured had purchased underinsured motorist coverage. This individual was not represented by our firm, but reached out to us in frustration.

The person impacted by this collision suffered very serious injuries and was hit by an underinsured driver. The injured person did not have UIM/UM insurance, so the maximum he will likely be entitled to receive from insurance will be $20,000. After his lawyer receives his percentage and subrogation payouts are made to the medical providers or medical insurance company, this severely injured person may end up with little if any compensation for his pain, suffering, and lost wages.

Many auto collisions that cause serious personal injuries will involve an at-fault driver who has insurance coverage, but not enough to pay for all your damages caused by the collision. Thus, the at-fault driver is considered underinsured. The insurance industry refers to underinsured motorist coverage as “UIM” coverage. UIM coverage provides coverage for you when the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough liability coverage to pay all damages. A great percentage of drivers have only minimum liability limits, meaning that in many auto collision cases, the injuries will exceed the available insurance coverage of the at-fault driver.

For those who do have such a provision on their auto policy for underinsured or uninsured drivers who have caused a collision in which that driver or their passengers has suffered serious injuries, please keep in mind that the Robinette Legal Group, PLLC in Morgantown has been recognized as one of West Virginia’s prominent insurance litigation law firms.

When Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM) is an Issue in a Car Accident Injury ClaimWe have experience successfully representing clients in all types of motor vehicle accident claims. Don’t get frustrated by the hurdles and confusing tactics used by your insurance company. We will handle everything about your accident claim involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist. We fight for every available dollar you are entitled to, from every source of compensation available.

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