Early Thursday morning, August 28, 2014 a flatbed truck was hauling a load of wood west on the Mason Dixon Highway near Morgantown.  The transport truck crossed the center line, causing a collision with a Chevrolet Tahoe traveling east.

A third vehicle, a Dodge Neon, that was approaching the accident scene while also traveling east veered into the guardrail to avoid crashing into the truck and accident debris.  The wood from the transport truck was strewn across the highway, and two of the accident victims were taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital for treatment for their injuries sustained in the collision.

There are many factors to be investigated anytime a head on collision occurs, but in this case the police have already indicated that they believe speed was a factor.  Other factors which will be investigated include DUI, distracted driving, health conditions, falling asleep at the wheel, texting or otherwise using a hand-held device while driving, brake failure, tire blowout, and dangerous road conditions.

Drivers who cause a crash resulting in injury or death may be held financially liable for that accident. In the event that the injured parties retain a personal injury attorney and prove to a civil court that the at-fault driver’s actionable behavior was a contributing factor in the crash, the at-fault driver may be ordered to compensate the injured parties for economic damages related to their injuries.

Source:  The Dominion Post article with video link, “Vehicle Accident sends two to Ruby,” Conor Griffith, August 29th, 2014.