We love it when people come to us as new clients and leave as valued friends!

Our experience has been nothing but good with this law firm. Having moved here from another state, we had no idea, when we needed an attorney, who to contact.

This firm was recommended to us by friends and folks that we trust, and so when my wife called … It’s been six weeks, maybe … We’ve had experienced before where we didn’t get direct service or conversations with an attorney, so we were very thankful that you called and decided to take our case.

You’ve been compassionate with us, and I think that’s important, that you’ve been so compassionate about our problems and us as people, not just a name on a legal paper or suit, but as people. That was so important to us, and the fact that we knew that you are a Christian. We just had so much more confidence in you as an attorney, and we appreciate everything that you’ve done for us.

I mentioned six weeks ago … This case has been settled within just that short period of time, and I know from other experiences, or talking to other people about things, where their lawsuits have run on for years and years and years. I would recommend to people that they contact you and this firm if they’re wanting to get something done and wanting to get it done within a reasonable amount of time.

We are very satisfied with the settlement. We’re just very satisfied with what you have done for us as far as getting the settlement taken care of, and I would highly recommend you and this firm to anybody that we talk to, or anybody that we could … Tell them about you and this firm. We thank you, we praise God for you, and you and your family, we just pray for you and thank you very much. Good. Thank you.