You’ve been involved in a collision, and the insurance company wants you to sign a medical authorization form in order to gain access to your medical records.

What should you do?

West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Explains:

Keep in mind that if you sign a medical authorization, you give the insurance company adjuster access to all your prior medical records, and they will use these records to scrutinize your claim.

There may be things in your records that are very private and have nothing to do with your claim for the injury that you sustained from the automobile collision.

In order to protect those parts of the record that are confidential and should not be tendered over you should not sign the medical authorization for an insurance company claim. All of your prior conditions can be reviewed.

In fact, the insurance company adjuster can obtain the full amount of your medical records from any facility and it may go into areas of other injuries or other conditions that may or may not have been aggravated by the collision.

So you definitely want to make sure that you seek legal counsel before you sign a medical authorization.

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