March 2021 - West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers | Wrongful Death Attorney Archive

Walk at Your Own Risk!

Walking in Morgantown has become a risky business. Even though legally pedestrians always have the right of way, too many drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings. Every year, students are hit by vehicles while walking around the areas near the WVU campus. We tend to have a younger population here because of the university, but nationally, pedestrian fatalities among people over 30 have nearly doubled. Our law firm […]


How to Recover From Burn Injuries

Every year, an estimated half a million individuals go to the emergency department because of burn injuries.  Kids are at high risk for accidental burns.  Additionally, more than 300 children undergo emergency treatment for burn injuries.   But what if you get burned pretty bad? How do you recover from a serious burn injury?  Let’s go over some relevant information about burns and how to treat them. What are the Degrees […]