West Virginia couple sues trucker and truck companies after crash

Posted On May 9, 2014 I Firm News,Truck Accidents

Those who are involved in commercial truck accidents in West Virginia are often wise to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. This is because it may be possible to hold the trucker and the truck company legally accountable, potentially among other parties as well. It can be important that a skilled attorney is on…

Oil Extraction in West Virginia: Benefits and Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing

Posted On April 17, 2014 I Firm News,Truck Accidents,Workplace Injuries

Oil Drilling in West Virginia:  A Call for Safety First to Prevent Workplace Injuries Since the 1700’s the Appalachian Basin has been a known source of crude oil trapped deep in layers of black shale. Energy prospectors are seeing new potential for oil drilling in the Appalachian Basin, particularly in Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia. New developments…

Semi spills 30,000 pounds of chocolate on West Virginia highway

Posted On January 30, 2014 I Firm News,Truck Accidents

Accidents involving semi-trailers and other commercial trucks often result in catastrophes. The sheer weight and size of these vehicles poses a severe risk to the occupants of other vehicles on the roads; and trailer cargo can be hazardous to entire towns in the event of a crash. A diesel truck overturned on Interstate 70 in…

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