It is Your Responsibility to Protect Your Legal Rights After a Collision

Posted On March 28, 2014 I Car Accident Injuries, Firm News, Personal Injury

Excerpt from Collision Care, West Virginia Auto Injury Guide, by Jeff Robinette, 2012. When it comes to looking out for your legal rights after a car accident, motorcycle wreck, or truck collision you need to have the attitude you would have if you were seriously ill — get professional help. It is your responsibility, and no one else’s, to…

When You’ve Been Involved in a Multi-car Collision in WV

Posted On March 27, 2014 I Car Accident Injuries, Car Accidents, Firm News

Winter Driving Conditions Cause Multi-vehicle Accidents in West Virginia One of the beauties of West Virginia is its mountains and high altitudes. It looks like “almost heaven” from the windows of our homes, but once you get out on the roads, it can seem quite the opposite when snow, ice, and foggy conditions make driving…

Why is Insurance Offering so Little for My Injury Claim?

Posted On March 25, 2014 I Firm News, Personal Injury

When a traumatic event occurs, causing injury to another person, the at-fault party who is insured under a policy of insurance is required to notify their insurance company of the incident. A claims adjuster will be assigned to investigate and “adjust” the claim. Insurance adjusters have stressful jobs. They spend eight to twelve hours a day behind…

Defects in Vehicle Design can Result in Serious Injuries and Death

Posted On March 19, 2014 I Car Accident Injuries, Firm News

Honda Recalls Odyssey for the Third Time in Less Than a Year An automotive part or system that fails at highway speeds can result in a catastrophic accident causing serious injuries or death. Defects in a vehicle’s seatbelt, airbag, or fuel delivery system, brakes, accelerator, or engine system, are common culprits of these catastrophic injuries. This week,…

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