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Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression After an Injury

Thoughts from Jean Maxwell, Auto Accident Legal Specialist with 25 years of experience: It's been my experience working with our clients that whenever they're involved in any kind of a motor vehicle collision and they sustain an injury and it causes long-term pain, that pain kind of manifests itself, or can manifest itself, into depression. Your way of life changes, so the things that you were once able to do, you can't [...]

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Paying Medical Bills After a Collision

This is my first auto collision. What should I do about my medical bills? What Should I Do About my Medical Bills?  How Can I Pay the Hospital and Doctor Bills? If you have private insurance, by all means, turn them in under your private insurance plan. The reason for this is because your private insurance plan will likely have a very high amount of payment options that are available [...]

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What We Did When Our Own Children Were Injured in an Accident

It was 8:30 a.m. on a freezing winter morning when I received the call, the call all parents hope they will never receive. The call was from the Ruby Hospital emergency department notifying us that two of our young adult children had been taken by ambulance for treatment after a motor vehicle collision in Morgantown. When Our Own Young Adult Children Were Injured in a Collision... When our own daughters [...]

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Questions remain after Tracy Morgan truck v. limo crash

Fatigued semi-trailer drivers are a significant safety risk on our roads here in West Virginia and across the country. Federal regulations limit the number of hours a trucker can be on the road without rest, but some say that these rules need to be even stricter. In the aftermath of a truck accident that left one man dead and critically injured actor and comedian Tracy Morgan among others, this issue [...]

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West Virginia couple sues trucker and truck companies after crash

Those who are involved in commercial truck accidents in West Virginia are often wise to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. This is because it may be possible to hold the trucker and the truck company legally accountable, potentially among other parties as well. It can be important that a skilled attorney is on the case right away as truck companies are notorious for minimizing truck accident claims and critical evidence [...]

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When You’ve Been Involved in a Multi-car Collision in WV

Winter Driving Conditions Cause Multi-vehicle Accidents in West Virginia One of the beauties of West Virginia is its mountains and high altitudes. It looks like "almost heaven" from the windows of our homes, but once you get out on the roads, it can seem quite the opposite when snow, ice, and foggy conditions make driving treacherous, often causing vehicle wrecks and injuries. We all have pressing obligations which make going out [...]

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