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Toys and Children’s Products Are Supposed to Be Safe

Perhaps more than any other products in the marketplace, toys, cribs, clothing and other products for children are mandated by strict government regulations to undergo tough safety testing. When we purchase a product for use by our children, we have a right to expect that it is safe, yet every year, child product injuries and death affect the lives of thousands of children and families in the United States. In a civilized society, it just shouldn’t happen that innocent children are seriously hurt or lose their lives because of a product designed for their use.

Morgantown Product Liability Attorneys

The Robinette Legal Group stands up for children. Our trial attorneys are parents too, and have been on the other side of the children’s injury issue. As insurance defense attorneys for many years, we defended manufacturers, distributors and their insurance companies in child injury claims. We did our jobs well, but we also recognize that the skill and knowledge we gained in each case should also belong on the injured child’s side of the courtroom. Today, we use that knowledge and experience to fight aggressively for children who have suffered child product injuries or death because of manufacturing or design defects.

There should be no room for child product injuries in our society. Let our trial lawyers help you stand up and fight back against injuries caused by:

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Contact our offices in Morgantown, West Virginia, to discuss your child product injury case and learn more about our experience. We offer a free consultation and represent clients in personal injury claims on a contingency basis. If we can’t help you recover money damages for your injury or wrongful death claim, you won’t pay attorneys’ fees.