West Virginia Eye Injury Lawyers

West Virginia Eye Injury Lawyers

Experienced Morgantown Vision Loss Injury Attorneys

Losing an eye or losing your eyesight because of someone’s negligence is an injustice that no amount of money can take care of. Eye damage and blindness can be caused by several types of injuries, often not associated with direct contact with the eye. It is not unusual, for instance, to suffer blurred vision or loss of eyesight as a result of a serious head injury that damages brain connection to the optic nerve.

Some common causes of eye loss and decreased vision not associated with direct injury to the eye include:

  • Blunt force blow to the head, causing hematoma and concussion
  • Airbag deployment during an auto accident
  • LASIK surgery errors
  • Defective contact lens lotions, eye infections
  • Eye damage from tanning salons

Of course, the primary cause of eye injury is direct contact with the eye, causing damage to the cornea, the iris or other parts of the eye. Such injuries can result from shattered glass or airborne objects striking the eye during a collision or explosion.

If you or a member of your family has suffered an eye loss or vision injury in an accident caused by someone’s negligence, the West Virginia eye injury lawyers at the Robinette Legal Group are ready to help you fight to recover full and fair money damages. You are entitled to recover damages relating to:

  • Surgery and medical treatment costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Vision rehabilitation services
  • Special eyewear and optical devices
  • Expenses for adaptive appliances, tools and devices for home and work
  • Pain and suffering, punitive damages

Morgantown vision loss injury attorneys are former insurance defense attorneys, under the direction of Jeff Robinette’s 20 years of legal experience. We practice frequently in the area of personal injury litigation for plaintiffs. Contact our offices in Morgantown to arrange a free consultation. Our injury lawyers represent clients with eye loss claims throughout West Virginia.

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