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Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer after having been injured in a car, truck, or workplace accident?

Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer after having been injured in a car, truck, or workplace accident?

Some injury claims are so small they may not require legal representation, but my best recommendation as a former insurance defense lawyer is if you have suffered serious injuries from a collision, you need to promptly seek advice from an excellent personal injury lawyer.

An experienced trial lawyer whose focus is auto injury litigation knows how to preserve all your legal rights, not just some of them, against the attempts of the insurance adjuster and their defense attorneys to defeat or minimize your claim.

Chances are this is the first serious accident and recovery you have had to manage, but a lawyer whose focus is auto accident law has handled hundreds of claims for injured people. A skilled advocate will ensure you are not taken advantage of by the complexities of the insurance claim process and will receive the compensation due to you.

Retaining an attorney adds credibility to a client’s threat to file suit, to pursue a claim to trial, and to negotiate a larger payment. Thus, a client gains more experience, more knowledge, and more negotiating credibility and power in dealing with the insurance industry.

From One of Our Clients:

“I tried in vain to settle with an insurance company following my accident. They delayed, delayed, and delayed some more. Finally I went to Jeff Robinette. He told me there was a statue of limitations running, and had I allowed the insurance company to delay a bit longer I would have received nothing. I turned the case over to him, and left the country. When I returned he had a check for me in an amount three times greater than the amount I would have settled for on my own. He did an excellent job, with no help from me, and I truly appreciate it. Without him I would have had nothing, with him I received three times more than I expected. Well done.”

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