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Find Answers to Accident Questions

Q.What if my airbag didn’t deploy at the time of the collision and I was injured as a result?

Q.Can I sue a police officer, police department, state agency, or city for damages if they caused an accident?

Q.West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

Q.Is the money I receive from a personal injury settlement taxable?

Q.What are the most recent changes to workplace and road safety laws in West Virginia?

Q.Should I Salvage my Vehicle?

Q.What is the difference between an accident and a collision?

Q.Why is the adjuster in such a hurry to settle my injury claim?

Q.I have been injured in a car accident and am considering filing a lawsuit. What information do I need to record to have a successful claim?

Q.Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer after having been injured in a car, truck, or workplace accident?

Q.Don’t all lawyers know how to successfully represent an injured person?

Q.For what damages can an accident victim be compensated through a lawsuit?

Q.I was in a car accident and have now been called for a deposition. What is a deposition?

Q.Why is it important to follow all my doctor’s recommendations for treatment after a car or work accident?

Q.Can I represent myself?

Q.All the ads look alike. How can I recognize a good lawyer?

Q.I have a lawyer, but I want to fire him. What can I do?

Q.What is comparative fault in an injury case?

Q.What are my damages worth?

Q.Who should pay my medical expenses?

Q.Should I sign a medical release form?

Q.What if the other driver was uninsured?

Q.The insurance adjuster says I could not have been injured in such a small accident. I am still in pain. What should I do?

Q.Should I call the police or an ambulance?

Q.Should I attempt to move my vehicle before the police arrive?

Q.Should I speak to an Insurance Adjuster?

Q.Do I need a lawyer?

Q.Do I have a time limit to file a lawsuit?

Q.What is a reasonable attorney fee for automobile cases?

Q.Are there aspects of settlement that I might not consider?

Q.How much treatment should I seek for my injury?

Q.What is First Party Insurance Bad Faith?

Wrongful Death Claim Questions

Q.Does it really matter if I wait awhile to contact a lawyer about my wrongful death claim?

Q.What is a wrongful death?

Q.Who has the right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit, and who is entitled to recover for their losses?

Q.What is the first step in filing a wrongful death claim?

Q.What work will a lawyer do for me in a wrongful death claim?

Q.Why has the insurance company discouraged me from hiring a lawyer for my wrongful death claim?