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The Robinette Legal Group, PLLC is Involved in the Morgantown Community:

VetPets:  Grants and Training for Service Dogs for Veterans:

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The benefits of having a psychiatric service dog.

  1. Assisting With Everyday Tasks: Individuals with disabilities that cause fatigue, pain, trouble walking, or limited mobility can highly benefit from having a service dog. 

  2. Providing Companionship: Not only do service dogs provide physical support, but they are also great for providing emotional support. Service dogs act as loyal companions which can help ease feelings of loneliness and provide a sense of security and consistent care. 

  3. Allowing Increased Independence: Service dogs allow people living with chronic illness and/or disability to experience a greater sense of freedom and independence. 

Christian Counseling Associates of West Virginia:

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Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) provides individual, marriage, and family counseling. Our counselors will help you identify the core issues that have caused your emotional and personal problems and efficiently develop strategies to resolve the issues that have you stuck.

Medical Supplies and Training for Ukraine:

The Robinette Legal Group is pleased to sponsor Alex Shay of Morgantown,WV in his ongoing efforts to aid the Ukrainians in their fight for democracy and freedom.

Alex Shay served honorably in the US Army as a Combat Medic for 10 years. Six years Active Duty and four years reserve. In his time in the Army, Alex served one 15-month tour of duty in Iraq.

In the Army, he became a Combat Medic, certified EMT-B. Then became a CPR, AED, CLS, BLS, and First Aid Instructor through the American Heart Association. Alex was able to gather the resources necessary to become an asset in the Ukrainian / Russian conflict.

Leveraging resources through the firearms industry, Mon Health, and governmental agencies, he has successfully established a training conduit to assist Ukrainian civilians and forces in combat, lifesaving medical procedures. He has also procured medical life-saving equipment for the benefit of Ukrainian forces and civilians. To date, he has completed two supply runs to Ukraine and will be able to continue helping the citizens and forces of Ukraine through future humanitarian missions.


Libera is a Morgantown-based non-profit organization that helps women identify barriers in their lives and eliminate these so they can experience freedom and hope. The listeners at Libera help women overcome challenges and live lives full of confidence and strength and provide resources and help for at-risk youth.

libera over the edge event to raise funds for at risk youth

The Morgantown Teacher of the Month Award

Morgantown Teacher of the Month Award

Morgantown Teacher of the Month Award

The Robinette Legal Group, PLLC, a Morgantown, West Virginia Personal Injury law firm, is pleased to announce the Morgantown Teacher of the Month winners.

MORGANTOWN, WV — As parents and members of our Morgantown community, we have the highest respect for our local teachers who serve our children and our community every day.

So, we are awarding one Morgantown teacher each month with a $100 gift card for Michael’s Craft Store.

Here are the winners and their nomination recommendations: Morgantown Teacher of the Month Award (

Jobs for Life Program at Christian Help, Morgantown, WV

The Coordinating Council on Homelessness:

Empty Bowls Monongalia:

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the HomelessRobinette Legal Group, PLLC is a glad supporter of Empty Bowls Monongalia. This project seeks to provide support for organizations that combat hunger while also promoting awareness about local hunger issues. Since its beginning as a high school art project in Michigan in 1990, Empty Bowls events have raised millions of dollars toward ending hunger.

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the HomelessThe basic premise of an Empty Bowls event is simple: guests are served soup in a handmade ceramic bowl in exchange for a cash donation to fight hunger. They are asked to keep their bowl as a reminder of the meal’s purpose. Every time they take the bowl from the cupboard, they will be reminded that someone’s bowl is always empty and that on that one occasion they helped alleviate hunger and could choose to do so again at any time.

Ronald McDonald House Charities:

We are pleased to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morgantown in the process of constructing a new area within the WVU Children’s Hospital to serve as a place of comfort and convenience for those families receiving care within the hospital. The new Ronald McDonald Family Room will provide a place for families to relax, nap, shower, eat, and care for other children just steps from the Pediatric ICU. If you have ever spent time at the hospital with young, healthy children, it is easy to imagine how this new, well-planned facility will help families through long and difficult days.

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

Morgantown Christian Academy:

Donor for New Gym Project

A Leading Sponsor of WV Caring (Hospice Care Corp.) Country Roads Fundraising Dinner:

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

This fundraising celebration, held at the Heston Farms Pavillion in Fairmont, honored the thousands of patients and families Hospice Care Corporation has served as a local, free-standing, non-profit hospice and one of the oldest and largest hospices in West Virginia.

In addition, the event marked and celebrated their new Partnership of Caring with Capital Caring, another non-profit advanced illness provider, which will expand the care they can provide to families in North Central West Virginia.

Morgantown Christian Academy Serve-a-thon at Chestnut Mountain Ranch:

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

Hoagy’s Heroes, Long-Distance Charity Riders

Hoagy Carmichael is the founder of Hoagy’s Heroes, a long-distance motorcycle charity ride organization established to fund children’s charities such as A Special Wish Foundation and Children of Fallen Heroes, a charity designed to help children whose parents have died in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hoagy has organized riders who have ridden over 800,000 total miles in support of Hoagy’s Heroes and has ridden over 307,000 miles covering 49 states himself, so is over-the-top qualified to instruct others in motorcycle safety.

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

The Living Room in Morgantown:

The Living Room is an outreach which provides hot meals to all who wish to come with no questions asked and shelter those who request it with no one turned away because of race, gender, or creed.

The Living Room of Morgantown offers shelter and a safe haven to those on the streets of Morgantown. Hot coffee and cool drinks, along with snacks are available to any that come. Spiritual encouragement, fellowship, and advice are there to refresh as well. The clients of The Living Room of Morgantown are counseled and then channeled into an established program in Fairmont if they desire.

5K Race for Justice:Proceeds Benefit Senior Legal Aid

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

On October 27th, Jeff and Terri Robinette and Terry and Rachel Tignor participated in the 5K Race for Justice and a 5K Run and Fun Walk in Morgantown. All proceeds from this event will benefit West Virginia Senior Legal Aid, which provides free civil legal services to qualified West Virginians over age 60. The high rate of elder abuse in West Virginia is well-documented, and the services provided by Senior Legal Aid help prevent and reduce elderabuse.

The Salvation Army of Morgantown:

We support family service programs that help families and needy individuals with emergency food, housing, utility assistance, and other temporal needs.

Ridge Riders Equestrian Team Sponsor

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

Prison Fellowship:

Did you know that over 1.7 million children have a parent who is incarcerated? Prison Fellowship provides Christmas gifts for the children of prisoners through the Angel Tree project and Christian camp opportunities for the children of prisoners.

Prison Fellowship partners with thousands of churches to serve incarcerated parents and their families in the community-restoring broken bonds and protecting prisoners’ children from falling prey to the generational cycle of crime.

United Spinal Association:

We support United Spinal Association’s mission to improve the quality of life of all people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D).

Giving Back: Helping the Hurting, Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless

United Spinal was founded in 1946 by a determined group of paralyzed WWII veterans in New York City who advocated for greater civil rights and independence for themselves and their fellow veterans. Since then, their core belief has remained unchanged. Despite living with SCI/D, a full, productive, and rewarding life is within the reach of anyone with the strength to believe it and the courage to make it happen.

Each year, United Spinal helps thousands of wheelchair-users, veterans, and people with multiple sclerosis and other spinal cord disorders overcome the daily challenges of living with a disability. They extend support to those most important in their lives– their family members and caregivers.