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West Virginia Denied Insurance Claim Attorneys | Fire Loss

Morgantown Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights Against the Insurance Company After Fire and Water Damage

Having an insurance claim denied can be frustrating. Even more frustrating is when you believe the claim to have been denied in bad faith. When a legitimate insurance claim is denied, the insurance company should be held responsible and pay the claim.

At the Robinette Legal Group, we are former insurance defense lawyers who have a unique insight into insurance law matters.

We are able to thoroughly review your policies and explain the intricacies of your case.

Our firm can provide you with the aggressive and tailored representation you need to fight against even the largest insurance companies.

From our offices in Morgantown, we represent individuals, businesses and families throughout West Virginia.

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Fire Damage Claims Lawyer in West Virginia

West Virginia Denied Insurance Claim Attorneys | Fire LossIn minutes, a fire can destroy a home or business that you worked so hard to build.

Most insurance policies include some type of fire damage coverage, though not all do.

Even if your policy does cover fire damage, your insurance company may be denying your claim for one reason or another.

In some cases, a fire marshal will determine that a fire may not have been arson and that no accelerant was used.  However, if the determination can be doubted at all, the insurance company would attempt to deny the claim.

We are committed to fighting for your rights and getting you the fire coverage that is provided for in your policy.

West Virginia Water Damage Claims

Flooding or other water damage can be devastating to a home or business. However, many insurance companies write their policies extremely well, and may not include any type of language about water damage from certain types of sources. In other words, you may be covered for one type of water damage but not another. As former insurance defense lawyers, our attorneys can help you understand your coverage and when an insurance company may be denying your claim in bad faith.

Snow and Ice Damage Claims in WV

One of the beauties of West Virginia is its mountains, and high altitudes. With that comes snow and ice conditions which often cause ice dams, roof collapses, and mechanical systems damages.

If the insurance company decides to cover the claim, you may find that the amount of money offered is only a fraction of the amount of damage. We can help you with this process so that you can be certain that you are getting full value for your claim.

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If you have a homeowner’s insurance dispute with your insurance company, or believe that your fire or water damage claim was denied in bad faith, we can help.

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