Ladders and scaffolding play vital roles in various professions, especially construction. However, improper usage or maintenance can make them hazardous. Ladder and scaffolding accidents are unfortunately common across industries, often resulting in severe injuries and lasting medical complications.

If you’ve been affected by a ladder or scaffolding accident, rely on the expertise of a West Virginia scaffolding injury lawyer from Robinette Legal Group, PLLC. We understand the complexities of seeking compensation after such a traumatic incident. Our dedicated team will leverage our vast resources and legal knowledge to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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Causes of Scaffolding & Ladder Accidents

Ladders and scaffolding may appear straightforward, but even minor errors like incorrect placement or a loose bolt can lead to devastating accidents. Understanding how these accidents happen is crucial. Most scaffolding and ladder accidents occur due to factors related to their use, setup, and maintenance.

Common causes of scaffolding and ladder accidents include:

  • Incorrect ladder or scaffolding placement, such as on uneven surfaces or unstable materials.
  • Incorrect ladder angles.
  • Choosing the wrong ladder type for the task.
  • Failing to inspect ladders and scaffolding for safety issues.
  • Inadequate training and supervision.
  • Exceeding weight limits.
  • Incorrect assembly.
  • Using worn-out or defective parts.
  • Non-compliance with OSHA safety regulations.

To reduce ladder and scaffolding accidents in West Virginia, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers educational resources and courses to promote safety among business owners and individuals.

Ladders and scaffolding may appear straightforward, but even minor errors like incorrect placement or a loose bolt can lead to devastating accidents. Understanding how these accidents happen is crucial. Most scaffolding and ladder accidents occur due to factors related to their use, setup, and maintenance.

West Virginia Ladder & Scaffolding Injury Statistics

Ladder and scaffolding falls are significant issues in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 500,000 people receive treatment for ladder-related falls annually, with at least 300 resulting in fatalities. These incidents led to more than $24 billion in medical expenses, lost productivity, legal costs, and pain and suffering.

U.S. Department of Labor Statistics data indicates 52 fatal scaffolding falls in one year. Compliance with OSHA standards is key to reducing such incidents.

Aside from the construction and repair sectors, ladder and scaffolding injuries affect various occupational groups, including service, sales, transportation, farming, and forestry industries.

Common Injuries Resulting from Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents

Ladder and scaffolding accidents can cause severe and life-threatening injuries, not only from falling but also from falling objects and electrocutions. Traumatic head injuries, neck and back injuries, paralysis, broken bones, soft tissue damage, internal injuries, burns, electrocutions, lacerations, and contusions are some common outcomes.

Adherence to OSHA guidelines and prioritizing safety can prevent most of these injuries. A Morgantown work accident attorney can investigate whether safety protocols were disregarded in your case.

Compensation for West Virginia Scaffolding Accidents

Seeking compensation after a ladder or scaffolding accident may seem daunting. Determining liability can be complex, often involving multiple parties such as property owners, construction companies, employers, scaffold or ladder manufacturers, third-party entities, and government entities.

Workers’ compensation insurance typically covers workplace ladder and scaffolding accidents, including medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. However, personal injury lawsuits against third parties, such as contractors or manufacturers, can also provide compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, earning capacity, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

Understanding liability in your case can be challenging. Consult an experienced West Virginia ladder and scaffold attorney to assess your situation and determine the best path to pursue maximum compensation.

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Crushed Foot Injury

While working in Morgantown, WV for a large national retailer, our client, a young woman in her early twenties, was ordered to use equipment that she was not properly trained to use. In the course of attempting to complete her task, she sustained a severe crush injury to her foot. Due to this incident, our client lost full use of this foot for the rest of her life and was living with chronic, persistent pain.

Our firm was able to obtain a sizable settlement which took care of all her medical bills and future treatment for her foot injury. The settlement was ample enough to allow this young woman to go back to college and retrain for employment which will accommodate her permanent disability.

Crushed Leg Injury

Imagine having your leg crushed so badly in an accident that you have to undergo two surgeries to insert multiple pins and have a rod hammered into the bone just to stabilize the femur. Unfortunately, the first rod inserted into the bone didn’t accomplish the desired effect, so the rod had to be removed and surgically reinserted. Imagine the great pain, the months of therapy and recovery, and the frustration of knowing you can never return to the type of work you have performed for decades.

Jeff Robinette was able to obtain a great enough settlement to pay this man’s medical bills in their entirety and money enough to start a new business so he could work and live a productive life even with his permanent impairment.

Brain Injury

While timbering in WV, a heavy equipment operator sustained a permanent brain injury while performing the duties of his job. What price can you put on the loss of a fully functioning, fully reasoning brain? Jeff Robinette was able to negotiate a settlement that was annuitized to provide for this man for the rest of his life.


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