Just because you are not working does not stop the bills from piling up. A primary concern after any accident is how to pay living expenses and medical bills when you are off work recovering from the accident.

Unfortunately, many seriously injured people don’t know at the outset of their medical treatment that their injuries may be permanent; they are later astonished that such injuries compromise their ability to earn a living. This scenario occurs fairly often when middle-aged individuals who have physically demanding jobs, such as coal miners, gas and oil industry employees, and construction workers, are injured.

The means of injury, however, doesn’t have to be that significant. Even a low-impact auto accident or a common fall from a step-ladder can cause serious and permanent injuries. For example, a fifty-year-old heavy laborer is already struggling with the physical demands of their job, even a seemingly minor back or neck injury from an auto collision can prevent them from doing the same kind of work. So, the effects of even less serious, but permanent, injuries do cause significant losses to such injury victims.

Can I collect my lost wages due to an injury that was someone else’s fault?

utility and medical bills piled up on desk Yes, you may be compensated for the money you have lost through taking time off of work to recover from your injury. West Virginia law provides that you are entitled to collect your lost wages caused by an injury that you received from an automobile collision, but you need the proper documentation and proof in order to do so. In order to obtain this, you will need support from your medical doctor and, potentially, a car accident lawyer.

Your medical records should indicate the type of the injury that would necessitate your being off work In addition to that, your employer oftentimes will have to substantiate that your absentee time was caused by your injuries.

It’s very important that all of your injuries be documented by your medical records and your medical providers. And if those things are met, then you should be able to collect the fair amount of your lost wages caused by your injury. Call our West Virginia personal injury law firm today if you have questions about your legal options.

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