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A spinal cord injury doesn’t always mean total or partial paralysis or a paralyzing injury. Many spine injuries suffered in accidents go undetected as hairline fractures on the vertebrae. There may be only minor symptoms, which may go away over time, leaving the victim to believe that no serious injury occurred. In time, however, even a minor spinal cord injury can progress to a serious problem, requiring surgery and years of medical treatment. At its worst, a spinal cord injury can progress to paralysis and organ damage.

After a person has become paralyzed as a result of an accident, whether it is paraplegia, quadriplegia, or a partial paralysis, our firm assists those whose lives have been changed forever as a result of the car accident, motorcycle wreck, truck accident, slip and fall, or work accident injury. Our firm knows how to find all the compensation you are due for your life-changing, paralyzing injury so you can move forward with building your new life.

We understand that an accident that causes paralysis will leave a person with daily medical care needs and ongoing physician and physical therapy appointments for the rest of his or her life. New means of earning a living as well as new means of learning to live are required, and the funds to pay for those support systems are urgently needed. Support for the entire family is required as you move on together.

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West Virginia Paralysis Injury Lawyers

Emotional paralysis is often the companion of physical paralysis as you and your family consider how to move forward. There is hope here. At the Robinette Legal Group, PLLC, we pursue compensation not only for your immediate needs, but employ medical, occupational, and financial experts to determine what will be needed for your future. We work hard on your behalf to ensure that you get everything you are eligible to receive as compensation for your serious and life-altering injury.

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If you or a loved one has been in an accident and is noticing back pain or other nerve damage, make sure a medical specialist considers the possibility of a spinal cord injury. The West Virginia spinal cord injury lawyers of the Robinette Legal Group have extensive experience representing clients involved in spinal cord injury claims.

We are a team of former insurance defense attorneys who now represent plaintiffs injured because of someone else’s negligence. We use our courtroom experience and knowledge of the insurance litigation system to provide vigorous, effective representation for people who need to recover full and fair money damages for catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries.

Common Types of Spinal cord injuries include:

  • Herniated discs: Fluid in the discs between any vertebrae ruptures, causing partial arm paralysis and pain
  • Fractured vertebrae: This can happen anywhere along the spinal column. Individual vertebrae break or disconnect, leading to possible paralysis below the fracture.
  • Cervical injuries: Injuries to the spine near the neck usually result in full or partial paralysis. A broken neck is a type of cervical injury.
  • Thoracic injuries: Mid-back area of the spine. Often results in paralysis or partial immobility of arms and legs.
  • Lumbar and sacral injuries: Lower spine injuries often result in mobility problems or paralysis of hips, as well as effects on the urinary tract and anus.

Spinal cord injuries don’t go away on their own. If you have been injured, you may face a lifetime of medical treatment and financial loss. Our firm will fight hard to help you recover the full and fair money damages you are entitled to.

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Car Accident Injuries

Jeff Robinette was hired by a young woman who had sustained permanent injuries to her foot due to an auto collision. The insurance company offered such a small amount and dealt with her in such a dismissive manner that the treatment of her case amounted to bad faith on the insurance company’s part. Jeff was able to obtain a substantial settlement which allowed this young woman and her husband to pay medical bills, buy a car and a home, and start building a future together.

Brain Injury

While timbering in WV, a heavy equipment operator sustained a permanent brain injury while performing the duties of his job. What price can you put on the loss of a fully functioning, fully reasoning brain? Jeff Robinette was able to negotiate a settlement that was annuitized to provide for this man for the rest of his life.

Crushed Leg Injury

Imagine having your leg crushed so badly in an accident that you have to undergo two surgeries to insert multiple pins and have a rod hammered into the bone just to stabilize the femur. Unfortunately, the first rod inserted into the bone didn’t accomplish the desired effect, so the rod had to be removed and surgically reinserted. Imagine the great pain, the months of therapy and recovery, and the frustration of knowing you can never return to the type of work you have performed for decades.

Jeff Robinette was able to obtain a great enough settlement to pay this man’s medical bills in their entirety and money enough to start a new business so he could work and live a productive life even with his permanent impairment.


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