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Morgantown Insurance Claim Disputes Attorney

The majority of personal injury cases in West Virginia are resolved through settlements or agreements with insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance providers are not always willing to treat claims and clients fairly. This can lead to insurance bad faith, wrongful rejections, and insurance claim disputes.

If you need to go up against an insurance company in Morgantown for fair compensation after an injury resulting from a vehicle collision or work injury, do so with help from Robinette Legal Group, PLLC.

Why Choose Attorney Jeff Robinette?

Our founding attorney, Jeff Robinette, began his career representing insurance companies and defending them against personal injury lawsuits. This gives him valuable information and insider knowledge about the strategies that insurance companies use to refute liability. Jeff’s unique perspective allows him to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the insurance company’s case, as well as create a strong legal strategy to obtain maximum financial compensation for his client. He can help you go up against any insurance company in West Virginia.

Do You Need a Lawyer for an Insurance Claim?

The answer to this question depends on the facts of your case. You may need a lawyer for an insurance claim if it is complex, expensive or if there is a dispute. A lawyer will know how to handle an insurance company. If the insurer refuses to offer a reasonable amount, for example, an attorney can provide more facts or evidence and aggressively negotiate for a higher amount. A lawyer also has the ability to go to trial, if necessary. Having a lawyer by your side can make sure an insurance company does not infringe upon your rights after an auto collision or other catastrophic accident.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance companies have a responsibility to handle claims with honesty and a good-faith attempt to resolve them. Insurance bad faith is when an insurance company does not fulfill this responsibility, usually to save their investors money by paying clients less for their injuries, bills, and losses. Examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Wrongfully denying a valid insurance claim
  • Drawing out an accident investigation without reason
  • Failing to communicate with the client
  • Misrepresenting the terms of the insurance policy before purchase
  • Misinterpreting policy language during a claim
  • Refusing to offer a reasonable amount for the client’s losses
  • Making threatening statements to the claimant
  • Delaying the payment of an accepted claim

If you are the victim of insurance bad faith, you have rights. You can dispute the decision made on your claim, request an internal review, and/or file an insurance bad faith lawsuit against the carrier. A bad faith lawsuit could result in additional financial compensation to penalize the insurance provider on top of compensation for your losses.

How Do You Dispute an Insurance Adjuster?

If you wish to dispute an insurance provider’s decision on your injury claim, start by contacting the agent or company again for clarification. Review the claim you originally filed and read the fine print of your insurance policy carefully. Read any correspondence you received from the insurance company, as well, including the rejection letter.

Find out if there are ways you can change the company’s decision, such as by fixing a mistake made on your paperwork, providing more information, or submitting new photos or evidence. Then, speak to an insurance representative about the estimate you received. Ask for an internal review to see if the provider changes its offer.

If the internal review does not work, you have the right to hire your own appraiser for an independent estimate. You can also file an official complaint with the state against the insurance company and hire an attorney to seek a legal remedy. An insurance dispute lawyer in Morgantown can help you weigh the pros and cons of legal action.

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