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Silicosis is a form of respiratory disease that results from inhaling silica dust. The microscopic fibers build up in the lung tissue, causing severe inflammation and scarring. Like similar toxic exposure diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, silicosis often takes many years to develop into fatal respiratory symptoms.

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If you have been diagnosed with silicosis, or a loved one has died of silicosis after years of exposure on the job, you are entitled to seek compensation from the product manufacturer or property owner responsible for providing a safe workplace. The Robinette Legal Group has a proud record of successfully representing clients who have suffered occupational diseases after working in the mining, manufacturing, and materials handling industries throughout West Virginia. Contact our Morgantown silicosis lawyers to arrange a free consultation about your toxic exposure injury or wrongful death claim.

We are experienced, knowledgeable insurance litigation attorneys. We have the capacity and resources to work with many of the nation’s leading experts in preparing complex cases involving product manufacturing liability, medical treatment, and lifetime care injuries.

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with any of the following injuries or illnesses resulting from toxic exposure?

  • Silicosis from inhaling silica dust?
  • Mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos products?
  • Emphysema from inhaling dangerous fumes or chemicals?
  • Damage to internal organs due to long-term exposure to pollution?

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From our offices in Morgantown, we represent people who have been diagnosed with silicosis because of long-term exposure to silicon dust and fibers on the job. Contact us to talk to an attorney at the Robinette Legal Group today.

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