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Westover WV Car Accidents

Westover, WV Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, it can be a life-changing event. The tasks with which you are presented can be overwhelming, especially if you have been seriously injured. That is why the legal team at Robinette Legal Group is committed to helping you get the compensation you need. They will guide you through each step of the legal system so your life can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Major Roads in Westover

The main road that goes through Westover is Rt. 19, the Fairmont Road. Although this road mostly has a slow speed limit, accidents and injuries can still occur. High-speed road Interstate 79 goes by Westover, and with a speed limit of 70, much more risk is involved for Westover residents. There are also many smaller roads that could potentially be the site of traffic accidents.

The Westover BridgeWestover WV Car Accidents

Although technically not part of Westover, the Westover bridge is a popular landmark in the Westover area. The original bridge, constructed in 1854, received its name because it connects downtown Morgantown and Westover.  The bridge spans the Monongahela River.

The bridge nearest the Westover that crosses the Monongahela to the north is in Star City, and to the south is on Interstate 79, both of which are miles from the Westover bridge, so the Westover bridge is a great convenience to those traveling in the area and reduces traffic in these other areas.

With careful driving, this area is usually safe, but in the winter, it can be treacherous. Because of the signs on the road before crossing most any bridge, it is a well-known fact that bridges get icy before the rest of the road. This is due to the freezing temperatures that can surround the bridge, making it cool faster than the rest of the road that is set in the usually warmer ground, and the Westover bridge is no exception to this rule.

The other hazard posed in the Westover bridge area is seen on the Westover side of the bridge. The road coming out of Westover toward the bridge goes down a fairly long, steep hill with several sharp curves. When the road is icy in the winter, it can be difficult to keep the vehicle under control.

What to Do at an Accident Scene in Westover, West Virginia

  • Safely move to the side of the road, if possible. Do not try to move accident victims if they are injured too badly to move by themselves. Try to make the accident scene as safe as possible for all involved.
  • Turn off the vehicle and get out when it is safe. This is a good time to set flares or use other methods to prevent further accidents and injuries.
  • Check on others involved in the accident. Do not try to move injured people, but do try to make the scene as safe as possible. Call for an ambulance if any victims have injuries or discomfort. If in doubt, call for an ambulance.
  • Call the police to come. When speaking with the police, answer all questions fully, but avoid admitting fault. The police report can best be made with objective observations by the police officer.
  • Record as much information as possible by writing and taking pictures. For those involved in the accident, record their names, make and model of the vehicles, license plate numbers, and insurance information. Take pictures of the accident scene. Also, gather the contact information of eyewitnesses, the location of the accident, and the name and badge numbers of the police officers.
  • File the claim with your insurance company as soon as possible.

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