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Have you suffered injuries in an Elkins car accident? If a negligent driver hits you, you deserve compensation for your losses – including medical expenses, lost income, and car repair bills. But recovering compensation from insurance companies can quickly become a complicated process. An experienced Elkins car accident lawyer can seek financial recovery and justice on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your health and recovery.

The Morgantown personal injury lawyers at Robinette Legal Group, PLLC have extensive knowledge and experience that we use to craft effective legal solutions for clients. Our attorneys have worked in insurance defense, giving us specific insight into how insurers handle and defend against car accident claims. We then use that insight to help our deserving clients recover the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible.

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Dangerous Areas for Car Accidents in Elkins

Elkins is a town with about 7,000 residents in Randolph County, one of the most beautiful locations in West Virginia. Along with smaller residential roads, the main roads that go through Elkins are Routes 92, 33, and 250. Having these three main roads come together in Elkins brings in a good bit of traffic to the otherwise quiet, rural area. Shopping, restaurants, and lodging can all be found in Elkins. Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents are common on these winding roads.

Drivers in Elkins also cite Beverly Five Lane as one of the most dangerous roads in the region. Motorists and law enforcement officers note that drivers frequently speed 10 mph or more down the road, often while driving distracted or aggressively.

Common Injuries Our Elkins Accident Lawyers See

Even a minor accident can cause life-changing injuries, many with a long recovery time and expensive medical bills. Injuries suffered by victims of car accidents in Elkins include:

Should You Go to the Doctor After an Accident?

You should seek prompt medical attention after a car accident – even if you don’t feel hurt. You need to begin treating your car accident injuries promptly, which may help reduce your recovery time and improve your prognosis. Documenting your injuries right after a car accident will also help establish that they occurred in the accident.

If you wait weeks or months to see a doctor, you risk the at-fault driver or their insurance provider arguing that your claimed injuries occurred after the accident or were from pre-existing conditions. Insurers may also try to say that you failed to limit your losses if you delay treatment, which may affect your financial recovery in your car accident claim.

How Can a Local Car Accident Lawyer Help?

If you’ve been hurt in a car crash in Elkins, you deserve to focus on your physical recovery and getting back to regular life – not on fighting the legal system while bills keep piling up. Let an Elkins car accident lawyer from Robinette Legal Group, PLLC help you by taking care of all the details of your case, including:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident to secure all available evidence, including accident scene photos, police crash reports, surveillance or traffic camera footage, and eyewitness testimony
  • Identifying the at-fault driver and other liable parties, along with applicable insurance coverage
  • Calculating your ongoing and future losses and expenses to determine the financial recovery you deserve
  • Documenting your injuries by obtaining your medical records and consulting with your treating providers to establish your prognosis and the disabilities you may suffer
  • Communicating with insurance adjusters and medical providers on your behalf
  • Working with expert witnesses to build a persuasive car accident case
  • Vigorously pursuing maximum compensation for you in a settlement or by taking your case to trial if necessary

After a car accident in or near Elkins, life can be put on hold. Injury, property damage, insurance issues, and financial strain from medical bills and lost wages can make your life come screeching to a halt. But everything around you is in constant motion as usual. You need to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

This usually cannot begin until the insurance pays – and the team of experts at Robinette Legal Group, PLLC can help. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to help you seek the settlement you deserve. Let us guide you through every step of the insurance claims process and ensure you pursue full compensation. The sooner you call our law firm after an accident, the sooner the process to recover from damages and losses can begin.

About Elkins, WV

Elkins is a city in Randolph County, West Virginia. Developed by U.S. Senators Henry Gassaway Davis and Stephen Benton Elkins, Elkins’ growth began with the construction of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway into the city. The railroad opened the region to industrial development beginning in the late 1890s. Within a decade, Elkins supported hotels, opera houses, factories, a hospital, and Davis & Elkins College.

Today, Elkins combines the benefits of a small town and a larger city, with the West Virginia Department of Commerce designating Elkins a “Small Town Gem.” Elkins ranks as one of the best small arts communities in the country and boasts easy access to numerous recreational opportunities – including mountain biking and hiking trails, hundreds of miles of streams and rivers for fishing and whitewater rafting, and some of the best ski resorts in the South. Elkins also sits at the gateway to the Monongahela National Forest.

Driving in Elkins

The average commute time to work for Elkins residents is 15 minutes, so most residents work locally. This helps to lower the risk of accidents simply by reducing the amount of time on the road.

However, the average amount of snow that Elkins gets in the winter is well above the United States average – which is one of the major issues causing so many car wrecks in the area. The best way to avoid a car wreck and personal injury when the roads are snowy and icy is to stay safe at home. Since this is not always an option, here are some tips to help you drive more safely on snowy roads:

  • Slow down Slippery roads do not always allow quick stops. If the driver tries to stop the vehicle too quickly, the vehicle can go out of control.
  • Accelerate and brake gently Stopping or starting too quickly can cause the vehicle to slide and go out of the driver’s control.
  • Check the owner’s manual – Read the owner’s manual for your vehicle to know how to best operate your brakes in winter weather. Different types of safety features on brakes will require different types of operation to work properly.
  • Leave plenty of room between vehicles – To avoid braking too hard, you need plenty of space between you and the next vehicle for extra time to stop.

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Have you or a loved one been injured in Elkins, WV – or elsewhere in Randolph County? If someone else was to blame, they could owe you compensation for your medical treatment, lost income, vehicle repairs, and more. Instead of trying to fight the insurance companies yourself, reach out to Robinette Legal Group, PLLC today for a free, no-obligation consultation with a knowledgeable Elkins accident lawyer. We can tell you more about your legal rights and how we can protect them at no upfront cost to you.

This post was originally published in June 2021 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in March 2023.


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Car Accident Injuries

Jeff Robinette was hired by a young woman who had sustained permanent injuries to her foot due to an auto collision. The insurance company offered such a small amount and dealt with her in such a dismissive manner that the treatment of her case amounted to bad faith on the insurance company’s part. Jeff was able to obtain a substantial settlement which allowed this young woman and her husband to pay medical bills, buy a car and a home, and start building a future together.

Drunk Driver

While driving his car, our client was hit by a drunk driver which injured his shoulder so severely that three surgeries were required. The insurance company haggled over the value of the claim, initially giving a low-ball offer. Jeff Robinette was able to force the insurance company to pay all insurance available for this claim.

Motorcycle Accident

A police cruiser was attempting to make a U-turn on a four-lane highway and collided with our client’s motorcycle. The trooper had failed to follow the rules of the road by making an unsafe or prohibited lane change and was found to have operated his vehicle in an “erratic, careless, or reckless” manner.

As a result of the trooper’s negligent driving, our client sustained bodily injuries which required emergency room treatment and subsequent physical therapy and prescription medication to recover from his injuries.

The Robinette Legal Group, PLLC was able to recover an ample settlement to cover our client’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


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