West Virginia Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

West Virginia Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

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Dog bites hurt. Not only do they hurt, they can cause serious muscle and deep tissue injuries, as well as infections that can result in serious health problems for years. If you have been bitten by a dog, you must take the incident seriously. Follow these steps:

If it was a stray dog, write down the breed, size, color and distinctive markings. Call the local police immediately and report the incident.

  • Talk to witnesses and get their version of the incident and their contact names, addresses and phone numbers.

If it was a pet, ask for all contact information from the owner. Write down the dog’s name, breed, distinctive markings.

  • DO NOT engage in negotiations with the owner for an off-the-books settlement. You will not know the severity of the injuries until you see a doctor and receive proper treatment. Once money changes hands, your claim for a serious injury will lose merit with the courts.
  • Report the incident to the police. If it was a friend’s or relative’s dog, the police will advise you how to handle the legal issues.
  • Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. Let your lawyer handle the details with the insurance company. In many cases, the pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance will pay the settlement, with very little financial impact on the owner.

The Robinette Legal Group is a team of lawyers with years of experience representing clients in cases involving dog bites and animal attacks. We know the strategies insurance lawyers will use, as they try to minimize your pain, medical needs and damages. We investigate your case thoroughly, including the dog’s history and the owner’s past record, particularly if the dog is considered a dangerous breed.

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Contact us to discuss your dog bite claim as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment.