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Were You Injured by a Consumer Product in West Virginia?

Despite some of the strongest consumer safety laws in the world, many thousands of Americans are injured every year because of consumer product defects. When a kitchen appliance causes a severe electrical burn, a power tool fails to turn off properly or a gas grill explodes, the injuries or death that result can cause a lifetime of financial loss for the victim and family.

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If you have been injured by a defective consumer product in your home or in your car, you are entitled to seek significant money damages for your medical care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. At Robinette Legal Group, our West Virginia product defect attorneys know that people don’t want to file frivolous, unnecessary lawsuits. In many cases, the only thing forcing a manufacturer to improve the design and operation of a dangerous product is a lawsuit resulting in a high settlement or jury award. Let us stand up and fight for you.

As former insurance defense lawyers, we were often hired to defend our industrial clients and insurance companies against individuals who had nowhere else to turn to seek compensation for their injuries. Manufacturers and their insurance providers will use every resource available to protect themselves from liability.

Our Morgantown consumer protection lawyers are recognized as a prominent personal injury litigation team representing victims of consumer product defects throughout West Virginia. We know the amount of financial and legal resources insurance companies will put into defending their bottom line. Our attorneys match the opposition’s knowledge and experience and work harder to ensure you get the maximum money damages your case will allow. That means investigating every cause of the accident and injuries, including smaller manufacturers who may have designed and produced component parts under a subcontract.

We represent clients in all types of injury and wrongful death claims involving defective devices and consumer product defects, including:

Resources to Handle the Most Complex Medical Injuries

We have experience representing clients in the most complex wrongful death and catastrophic injury claims resulting from consumer product defects, including loss of fingers and limbs, blindness, concussions, back and spine injuries, broken bones, burns, and disfigurement.