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Consumer Products Shouldn’t Have Hidden Defects

Let the buyer beware is not a marketing slogan that Americans appreciate. When we pay hard-earned money for a product, we trust that there will be no hidden defects that cause the product to be dangerous and cause injury. Hiding dangerous designs and quality problems behind pretty packaging puts the consumer in danger.

America has some of the toughest consumer safety regulations in the world. Government agencies like OSHA and consumer watchdog groups work diligently to ensure that hidden defects don’t cause injuries and deaths when people use the product under normal circumstances. Our product safety regulations cover industrial products, automotive products, and consumer products used in the home.

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If you have been injured because a product had a hidden defect or was designed unsafely, our Morgantown personal injury attorney at Robinette Legal Group is ready to help you fight to recover full and fair money damages for your injury and financial losses. We will help you recover compensation for:

  • Medical treatment and physical rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and earnings
  • Pain and suffering, reduction of lifestyle
  • Punitive damages

Why It Is Important to File for Litigation

Many people come to us saying that they don’t really want to file a lawsuit, but the product manufacturer isn’t treating them fairly. You didn’t ask to be injured. All you did was purchase their product. There shouldn’t have been dangerous hidden defects. It sounds reasonable enough until you realize that the manufacturer is covered by product liability insurance and the insurance company is fighting aggressively to keep from paying out a large settlement or jury award.

An injury victim acting alone simply doesn’t have a chance against the resources of a large corporation and insurance giant. Getting an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer to represent you in a lawsuit is often the only way to protect your rights and get the money damages you need and deserve. Our attorneys are ready to handle everything for you.

Consumers aren’t expected to identify a hidden defect in a product. Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to ensure the product has been inspected and meets quality control standards before it enters the marketplace.

Robinette Legal Group represents clients in all types of injury and wrongful death claims resulting from hidden defects in consumer, auto and industrial products, including:

Resources to Handle the Most Complex Medical Injuries

We have experience representing clients in the most complex wrongful death and catastrophic injury claims resulting from hidden defects in consumer and industrial products, including neck injuries, brain injuries, back injuries, and all other serious injuries.

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