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Fire injuries extend beyond serious burns. Inhaling smoke, heat, and chemicals in a fire can result in serious respiratory problems. Even first-degree burns can cause tissue infections that can result in long-term organ damage. Because the skin is an organ, it relates to other organs and tissues throughout the body. When vital functions of the skin shut down because of scarring and severe burns, other vital organs and muscle groups begin to be affected as well. A serious injury resulting from even a small fire can result in a lifetime of medical treatment and physical therapy. The scarring and disfigurement that remains can lead to a lifetime of social and financial loss, as well.

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The personal injury litigation attorneys of the Robinette Legal Group, in Morgantown, West Virginia, offer decades of experience representing victims of serious burns and injuries resulting from fires. We understand the strategies necessary to investigate the extent of your injuries and losses that can extend to a lifetime of treatment. As experienced litigators and trial attorneys, we know the strategies the insurance defense lawyers will use- as they attempt to reduce the damages you face. We use our experience in all areas of premises liability and product liability law to prepare the strongest case possible for maximum damages.

We have extensive experience representing clients in wrongful death, personal injury, and property claims resulting from fires, including fire-related injuries, such as:

  • Serious burn injuries
  • Smoke inhalation, respiratory damage
  • Infections
  • Harmful reaction to the medications used in burn treatment
  • Skin graft surgical errors

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Contact our offices in Morgantown, West Virginia, to discuss your fire-related injury, fire loss claims, or wrongful death claim with one of our lawyers. We offer a free consultation and represent clients in personal injury claims on a contingency basis. If we can’t help you recover money damages for your injury or wrongful death claim, you won’t pay attorneys’ fees.