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Morgantown Lead Paint Injury Attorney

Although interior paint containing lead pigment has been outlawed in the United States for more than 50 years, a significant number of older buildings, including schools, day care centers and businesses continue to have it in their rooms and on pipes exposed to the public. Federal and state laws mandate that the property owners or landlords must remove any lead paint remaining in their buildings, yet many have not yet acted in accordance with the law. In addition to current problems the lead paint continues cause for children in contact with lead paint, many older adults suffer the medical consequences of exposure to it from their childhood.

If you suspect that you, your child or a person in your family is suffering the effects of toxic exposure to lead paint, talk to an attorney at the Robinette Legal Group. Our trial lawyers have significant experience representing clients in toxic tort claims and understand the issues involved in investigating liability. Most paint manufacturers voluntarily removed the lead from their products many decades ago, but the courts hold that some amount of liability may still exist on their part. In most cases, the building owner or maintenance contractor can be held liable for ignoring government mandates.

Contact us to discuss your lead paint injury claim. We offer a free consultation, during which we will explain the laws and the possibility of obtaining compensation for your injuries. If your case has merit and our firm is a good match for your needs, we will handle your case on contingency. We cover all costs of investigating and preparing your case for settlement or trial. You will not pay attorneys’ fees unless we help you recover compensation.

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