Knowing how to deal with road rage is necessary for all vehicle operators in West Virginia, including motorcyclists. Be aware that knowing how to handle road rage involves understanding how to control your emotions and how to respond to others.

Understanding how to deal with road rage can help you stay safe. However, if you’re ever hurt in a motorcycle accident someone else causes, you have the right to file a claim seeking compensation for medical bills, lost income, and more in a motorcycle accident claim. Contact Robinette Legal Group, PLLC, today to learn how a West Virginia motorcycle accident attorney can help you.

What Should You Do if You Find Yourself in a Situation with an Aggressive Driver?

Don’t let a driver’s aggressive behavior affect yours. Safe and constructive options for dealing with aggressive motorists include:

  • Trying to avoid them by parking, taking a different route, etc.
  • Not making eye contact, gesturing, or otherwise engaging, as this could make them respond even more aggressively
  • Allowing an aggressive driver to pass you if that’s what they’re attempting to do

You may also consider whether a seemingly aggressive driver has a valid complaint about your driving. If you’re accidentally creating an unsafe situation, correct your behavior accordingly to avoid a motorcycle crash or violent confrontation.

What to Do if Someone Gets Out of Their Car

In some circumstances, an aggressive driver may get out of their vehicle and approach yours while you’re unable to drive away. This could happen in a traffic jam or if a driver follows you to your destination.

If an aggressive driver gets out of their vehicle to confront you, you should:

  • Honk your horn or sound the alarm to get the attention of others.
  • Call the police. Just seeing you reach for your phone might make an aggressive driver think twice about what they’re doing.
  • Take photos and videos of the driver and their vehicle. If you can’t do so, make a note of identifying details, like their vehicle color, vehicle make and model, license plate number, etc.

Exercise your best judgment in these circumstances. If you can safely escape a dangerous motorist approaching you on foot, do so. Depending on the location, this may be easier for motorcycle riders than automobile drivers.

How to Manage Your Feelings of Road Rage

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you while you’re out for a ride. Ways to control your own road rage include:

  • Practicing breathing exercises
  • Counting to 10 (or more, if necessary) if you feel yourself getting angry
  • Planning routes ahead of time and leaving early so you’re not angry or anxious about being behind schedule
  • Choosing calming music for your ride
  • Getting enough sleep before a long ride
  • Speaking with a doctor about counseling options if the problem persists

Don’t underestimate the importance of managing your road rage. Research shows that, during driving simulations, road rage-prone drivers are involved in collisions at twice the rate of other motorists.

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