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West Virginia Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Experienced Morgantown Business Law Lawyer

To be successful in business, you have to be prepared to resolve disputes efficiently, while protecting your rights. The West Virginia commercial litigation attorneys of the  Robinette Legal Group have extensive experience representing claimants and respondents in all types of business disputes involving breach of contract, including:

  • Insurance claim disputes: Our commercial litigation  attorneys are former insurance defense lawyers with successful experience representing insurance companies seeking to protect themselves from frivolous litigation and inflated claims. We use our courtroom experience to represent clients who have been injured because of a denial of insurance coverage and bad faith insurance practices.
  • Sales and purchasing agreements: We are familiar with all areas of breach of contracts relating to buy and sell agreements. Whenever possible, we seek a cost-effective resolution to keep our clients out of court, while protecting their bottom line.
  • Construction defects: We represent property owners and building contractors in disputes involving design and construction flaws, as well as payment and collections.
  • Commercial real estate lease agreements: If you are involved in commercial property leasing, either as a lessee or lessor, we are to help you resolve your dispute without the cost of an expensive trial.
  • Warranty and guarantee litigation: Our lawyers have experience representing corporate interests as well as purchasers seeking compensation for business fraud and breach of contracts relating to warranties and service agreements.
  • Partnership disputes: We can also help your business resolve disputes and litigate lawsuits between business partners and investors.

Our West Virginia Commercial litigation lawyers represent businesses and individuals involved in commercial disputes in communities throughout West Virginia. Contact us today to discuss our breach of contract case with one of our Morgantown business disputes attorneys.