The Robinette Legal Group, PLLC, a Morgantown, West Virginia Personal Injury law firm, is pleased to announce the winners of Morgantown Teacher of the Month.

MORGANTOWN, WV — As parents and members of our Morgantown community, we have the highest respect for our local teachers who serve our children and our community every day.

So, we are awarding one Morgantown teacher each month with a $100 gift card for Michaels Craft Store.

Please send nominations for future months’ awards [email protected]

and include the teacher’s name, school, grade, and a short paragraph stating why you believe we should choose your teacher.

Here are the winners and their nomination recommendations.

March 2022: Linda McCoy, Trinity Christian School

Morgantown Teacher of the Month

“Ms. McCoy always goes above and beyond for her students. Her students love and respect her and always stop by to say hello. She gives 100% to educating and making sure each child understands fully what is being discussed and learned. Students know if they ever need to discuss a personal issue in complete confidence Ms. McCoy is there for support and guidance. She has been a wonderful blessing to our family and Trinity Christian School.”

February 2022: Matt Cooper, Morgantown High School, Special Education

Morgantown Teacher of the Month Matt Cooper

“Matt Cooper is a special education teacher for grades 9-12 at Morgantown High School. He is so caring and always has the students’ best interests in mind when planning things. He treats all students with respect and kindness. He truly cares about all of them.” ~ Nicole Luci

September: Teresa Richardson, Mountainview Elementary

Morgantown Teacher of the Month Teresa Richardson

Morgantown Teacher of the Month – Teresa Richardson

“I’d like to nominate Teresa Richardson at Mountainview. She taught all 5 of my children. My children all have very different personalities. She saw each of them for who they were and welcomed them all with a loving heart. Two of my children have autism, one had some pretty severe behaviors. She never looked down on him. He’s 18 now and in the Army. She still checks on him routinely. She truly cares about all the children that enter her room. She a true blessing to the families of Mountainview Elementary.”

October: Tiffney Batton – Covenant Christian School

Morgantown Teacher of the Month October 2021

Morgantown Teacher of the Month October 2021

“I went to work at Covenant fresh out of college in 2018 as a 3rd-grade teacher not knowing what in the world I was doing. Tiffney was right next door to me and instantly began helping me, giving me room decorations, and all of the experienced teacher advice she had. She is a teacher that my freshly graduated self wanted to be just like. She not only is a huge help and encouragement to her coworkers, but she goes above and beyond to make her classroom the most amazing, comfortable, homey, fun, and exciting environment for her students who she loves like her own. I am not teaching this year due to having a baby, but she has still been there for me every day and has become one of my dearest and closest friends. She is one of the most selfless people I know, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving person for this gift card because I know she will put it right back into her classroom.”

November: Jennifer Tittle – Morgantown Christian Academy

Morgantown Teacher of the Month

Morgantown Teacher of the Month – November

“I would like to nominate a very special teacher to be recognized and honored as an outstanding teacher at Morgantown Christian Academy.

Mrs. Tittle is an amazing teacher who cares not only for her current students, but for all students at Morgantown Christian Academy. She displays a sense of empathy, patience, and develops a strong rapport with each student individually by listening and using effective communication.

Mrs. Tittlehas devoted herself to being an incredible educator and inspires students with her passion for learning. She values each person’s ideas and students feel safe to express their feelings. She creates a positive atmospherefor learning and incorporates different methods of teaching, so each child can learn in different ways.

Whether she is singing a song (which is also stuck in the parent’s head) to help students remember a bible verse or math concept, she is constantly engagingstudents with her interactive style of teaching.

My family and I will forever be grateful to Mrs. Tittle for showing compassion and love to our daughter not only as a student in her first-grade class but from the very beginning as a Kindergarten student coming into school for the very first time and still to this day as a 2nd grader.

Mrs. Tittle is deserving of receiving the Teacher of the Month Award and so much more. If your child is lucky enough to have a Mrs. Tittle, who shows love and warmth to everyone during their years of school, consider yourself to be very fortunate.”

December: Stephen Wilson – South Middle School

Morgantown Teacher of the Month Stephen Wilson

“I am writing to nominate Stephen Wilson as Morgantown Teacher of the Month. Mr. Wilson is a 7th-grade English teacher at South Middle School in Morgantown. Mr. Wilson is a dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond for his students! His classroom is a joyful place where students are free to be themselves. One way that Mr. Wilson does this is through weekly individual digital check-ins with students. Students are able to express themselves, find a safe outlet, and reach out for help! Mr. Wilson also uses this resource to support his coworkers by sharing (anonymously) when students share excitement or love for a teacher or class! He is a positive, effective, and invaluable member of the teaching faculty at South Middle and would be a great candidate for Morgantown Teacher of the Month!”


Please send nominations for future months’ awards [email protected] include the teacher’s name, school, grade, and a short paragraph stating why you believe we should choose your teacher.


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