On Saturday, May 18th, 2013 an elderly driver plowed his 1997 Cadillac into a crowd of dozens of people at the Hikers Parade at the Trail Days festival, an annual celebration of the Appalachian Trail held in Damascus, VA. The cause of the accident is believed to be the result of a medical condition of the driver.

The driver’s car was a part of the parade. The car accelerated up to about 25 mph on a two-way bridge on the town’s main road when it struck the parade participants. Some people were pinned underneath the vehicle and were rescued by quick thinking and rapid action of family members and friends who lifted the car off those pinned by the car. No fatalities were reported, but 50-60 people were injured – some critically and some superficially. Three of the worst injured were flown by helicopter to nearby hospitals.

A man who jumped onto the car’s hood to avoid immediate impact said the driver was staring blankly and probably had no idea there was a man on his windshield.

Whenever there is a public function, city and county officials who are overseeing the function have a legal obligation to ensure that participants and the public are safe. So, an experienced personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company of the driver who caused the injuries as well as those public and civic entities’ insurance companies, and if settlements are not reached, file suit and proceed to trial.

The Value of an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Some injury claims are so small they may not require legal representation, but my best recommendation as a former insurance defense lawyer is if you have suffered serious injuries from a collision, you need to promptly seek advice from an excellent personal injury lawyer who knows how to gain compensation for your past and future medical needs and lost wages.

An experienced trial lawyer whose focus is auto injury litigation knows how to preserve all your legal rights, not just some of them, against the attempts of the insurance adjuster and their defense attorneys to defeat or minimize your claim.

A lawyer whose focus is auto accident law has handled hundreds of claims for injured people. A skilled advocate will ensure you are not taken advantage of by the complexities of the insurance claim process and will receive the compensation due to you.

Retaining an attorney adds credibility to a client’s threat to file suit, to pursue a claim to trial, and to negotiate a larger payment. Thus, a client gains more experience, more knowledge, and more negotiating credibility and power in dealing with the insurance industry.

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