How Long Do Semi-Truck Accident Cases Last?

Posted On December 15, 2021 I Firm News

If you or somebody you love has sustained injuries or property damage in an accident caused by the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, then you will likely be able to recover compensation for your losses. However, these claims can be challenging. Here, we want to discuss how long you can expect a…

Stay Safe and Healthy while Holiday Shopping

Posted On November 18, 2021 I Firm News

The holidays are just around the corner and one thing’s for sure: everybody’s going shopping. Even amidst the pandemic, stores are still stocking up their shelves and decorating their windows. Not to mention, they’re also offering deep discounts and special promotions to lure in customers. So, if you’re hitting the malls, then read on to…

Morgantown Teacher of the Month Award

Posted On October 27, 2021 I Firm News

MORGANTOWN TEACHER OF THE MONTH The Robinette Legal Group, PLLC, a Morgantown, West Virginia Personal Injury law firm, is pleased to announce the winners of Morgantown Teacher of the Month for September through December 2021. MORGANTOWN, WV — As parents and members of our Morgantown community, we have the highest respect for our local teachers…

Respecting People With Disabilities

Posted On October 5, 2021 I Firm News

As an attorney who helps people navigate through the insurance claims process after having sustained catastrophic injuries from vehicle or workplace accidents, I am particularly interested in and well aware of the impact such injuries have on an injured person’s future and family.  As families and friends prepare for holiday gatherings, here are some tips for putting…

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