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SSDI Judge illuminates the Disability Claims Process | Interview by Laurie Robbins, Esq., Part 2

When a person suffers from injuries or illnesses which prevent gainful employment, getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits can be a long and frustrating process.  The following article contains highlights, insights, and a personal spin on the difference between a "claimant-friendly judge" and a "mean judge" as disclosed by a retired Social Security Administrative Law Judge. Read the article to discover the one thing you can do to ensure your client's [...]

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Rules of the Road for Motorized Wheelchair Users | Wheelchair Accidents and Injuries

Motorized wheelchair users in West Virginia have responsibilities, rights, and privileges similar to those of pedestrians. These conveyances can be legally operated on public sidewalks, park pathways, bicycle paths, rail trails, and in public buildings. While motorized wheelchairs (which are also referred to as motorized scooters or mobility scooters) should not be on public roads if there are any other options, they are allowed to cross at intersections just as pedestrians. They should only be [...]

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