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New Breathalyzers May Help Prevent Drugged Driving in West Virginia

Detecting Drugged Driving in West Virginia Medical marijuana will become legal in West Virginia, come July 2019. Today, across the nation, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and pot for medical use is legal in 29 states. And more states are likely to soon join these ranks as public support to legalize and decriminalize marijuana grows steadily. Even though use of marijuana for medical purposes in West Virginia will [...]

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Ronald McDonald House, Hoagy’s Heroes & Tabs for Tomorrow

What is one thing on which local businesses, churches, schools, bars, businesses, bikers, and families can agree?  The Ronald McDonald House! The Robinette Legal Group PLLC was pleased to welcome Hoagy's Heroes, a Motorcycle Non-profit group from Glendale, West Virginia and Tabs for Tomorrow as they presented approximately 337 gallons of aluminum tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown. Hoagy's Heroes and Tabs for Tomorrow enlisted the help of hundreds of West Virginians as [...]

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Safe Treads: How and When to Buy Tires

How to Buy Safe Tires Your tires may not be something that you think about every day, but most people rely on them to get them safely to their destination every day and get them back home every night. It can be a financial strain when tires wear out and it's time to buy new ones, and buying the cheapest tires available may be tempting. However, choosing the right tires [...]

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What is Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication?

Why it Matters:  V2V Communication Guest Post by Elisabeth Campbell Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication is a communication system between vehicles for increasing driver safety by reducing collisions. It is not communication between drivers, rather it is communication between the vehicles themselves. When there is potential danger between two vehicles, the vehicles alert their drivers of the upcoming hazard. For instance, if a driver brakes in front of a line of [...]

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