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The Most Common Thanksgiving Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Posted On November 11, 2021 I Holidays,Personal Injury

Thanksgiving 2021 may be a lot different than what we experienced in the past. Due to the pandemic, many families are choosing to stay home and organize virtual gatherings with their relatives. However, it doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving accidents would be completely eradicated. There are millions of people still traveling, and with inexperienced cooks attempting…

4th of July Pet Safety

Posted On June 14, 2019 I Firm News,Holidays

When You Plan for the 4th of July, Plan In Safety for You and Your Pets! As you plan your Fourthof July weekend, please be sure to plan in safety for both you and your pets. 4th of July Safety for Humans: Tragically, the 4thof July has become one of the deadliest days of the…

Thank Our Veterans for the World’s Best Justice System

Posted On May 24, 2019 I Firm News,Holidays

Over the past 250 years, countless men and women have given up their possessions, their health, and their lives for the freedoms and rights we enjoy today. As a Veteran Army Paratrooper, I know when any person signs on with the military, that person pledges to defend this country with their lives. All over the…