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DUI Collision Causes Death of Unborn Baby

KANAWHA COUNTY, WV: A man has been charged with Driving Under the Influence Causing Death after deputies say he caused a crash under the influence that led to a woman losing her unborn baby. The fatal collision happened along I-77 South just after 6:30 a.m. on July 18. West Virginia Code 17C-5-2 states: “Any person…

Can I File a Claim for Compensation for a Child Injured in an Auto Accident?

Filing an Injury Claim for Your Child After a Collision Personal injury cases related to car accidents usually involve adults. Yet what happens if a child gets injured in an accident? Personal injury law operates under the assumption that children don’t possess the same judgment as adults. So, there are special rules for compensation and…

Car Accidents and Children: What you Need to Know

Posted On February 13, 2020 I Car Accident Injuries,Car Accidents,Child Injuries

The thought of a child being injured in a car accident is a parent’s worst nightmare. Whether it is a teenage driver or a baby in a car seat, injuries sustained by a child can last for the rest of the victim’s life. Since the safety of your children is your main concern, it’s imperative…

Tricks for Keeping Your Little Spooks Safe

Posted On October 17, 2017 I Child Injuries,Community Involvement,Firm News

With Halloween trick or treating just days away, it is important to ensure kids are going out with a plan. Setting boundaries ahead of time provides for more trick-or-treating fun for everyone and keeps it fun by keeping it safe. Morgantown Trick or Treat Safety There are a few safety measures that most parents take…

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Daycare Negligence and Injuries

Posted On March 13, 2014 I Child Injuries,Day Care Injuries,Firm News

Every day, working and single parents in West Virginia place their children in some form of daycare. Childcare services are available in private homes or professional facilities, but regardless of the location, childcare providers are expected to be trustworthy and educated professionals. When they fail to meet their duties towards clients and their children, the…