Tricks for Keeping Your Little Spooks Safe

With Halloween trick or treating just days away, it is important to ensure kids are going out with a plan. Setting boundaries ahead of time provides for more trick-or-treating fun for everyone and keeps it fun by keeping it safe.

Tricks for Keeping Your Little Spooks Safe

Morgantown Trick or Treat Safety

There are a few safety measures that most parents take every year, such as carrying a flashlight, wearing glow sticks, not eating unwrapped candy, and providing costumes and shoes that fit well. These are truly important. However, there are other things to take into consideration that sometimes are overlooked by parents.

Choosing a costume: Choose well-fitting costumes made of fire resistant materials, such as polyester and nylon, and have a Flame Resistant label. Wear comfortable shoes good for walking long distances. Use makeup rather than a slip-on mask for greater ability to see traffic and obstacles. Should children insist on a “real” mask, make certain it fits well and that eyeholes are large enough so the child can see clearly.

Making them shine: Make sure children are visible to traffic. Have everyone carry a flashlight to increase visibility to drivers, and use reflective tape on costumes by adding it to the front, back, hems, and sleeves. Glow necklaces and glow sticks are also another fun way to aid in visibility.

Keeping them together: Children should never trick-or-treat alone. Young kids need to be chaperoned by an adult, and older children should at least have one partner. Larger packs of kids are even better and more fun. Plan a route, and ensure children stick to it and don’t venture into unknown territories.

Checking out the goods: Check candy before kids eat it. Inspect for tampering, such as discoloration, torn wrappers, tiny holes, or anything unusual. Throw out suspicious items.

Reminding kids of stranger danger: Remind children to never enter the home or vehicle of someone they don’t know, even if candy is being offered. Only visit well-lit houses. When going door-to-door, use sidewalks rather than the road whenever possible. If walking on the road, stay on the far edge facing traffic so drivers will see the children more easily. Remind children to look both ways when crossing the street, and to use crosswalks when available.

Planning a party: One great way of keeping the fun contained and safe is to plan a party for the neighbors. That way, the neighborhood hike is shortened and the kids can have fun at home with their friends. Fun, easy, and safe!

And here’s another interesting and comprehensive article:  A Mother’s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety.

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