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2017 Motorcycle Helmet Bill Fails to Pass Senate

Escape… Freedom… the wind blowing through your hair… not a care in the world… until you hit the loose gravel on the highway or one of our cursed West Virginia potholes. This week, the state of West Virginia came close to passing a bill which would have repealed our current motorcycle helmet law. The bill…

WV Senate Bill 277, Establishment of an Intermediate Appellate Court

Posted On February 15, 2017 I Firm News,Insurance Issues,Legislation and New Laws

SB 277: Unnecessary, Unaffordable, and Wrong for West Virginia With the current legislative session now under way, tort reform advocates have stepped up their efforts to push through legislation that will benefit corporate and insurance industry interests. One such piece of legislation, SB 277, calls for the establishment of an intermediate appellate court. For many…