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Hello, I’m attorney Jeff Robinette and I’m here to continue our discussions with regard to how to find the very best lawyer for your case.

With the advent of researching lawyers online, there has been an influx of so many different clubs and societies that lawyers can pay a fee to join. The common person doesn’t really know how to choose the very best lawyer out of all of these various hundreds of lawyers that seem to be available to do the same thing and so by choosing lawyers that they haven’t researched thoroughly, they find themselves stuck with a very bad lawyer.

As previously discussed in the prior videos, there are two primary rating systems by lawyers and that is the Martindale-Hubbell rating system, and the other is the lawyer a nationally board-certified trial lawyer?

The third designation I’d like to discuss with you today is the Super Lawyer designation.

The Super Lawyer designation has been around many years now and this designation is extremely important to recognize the individual practice areas of very skilled lawyers.

This designation is achieved by lawyers voting on the very best of other lawyers, and so what you’re looking for in a lawyer is to not only have the AV Preeminent designation as well as the national board certification designation, but you’re also looking to see does this lawyer satisfy the value that other attorneys put on them by giving them the Super Lawyer nomination and designation?

The Super Lawyer designation breaks down each practice area so that the public can know is this lawyer a super lawyer in the area where he practices? And so, if your case is a personal injury case, you want to make sure that you have a designation of a super lawyer who’s skilled in the area of personal injury litigation for the plaintiff.

Thank you for the time that you’ve devoted to reading this and maybe select the very best lawyer for your case, thank you.

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