Even if you refused medical treatment immediately after your car accident, and you discover injuries days or weeks after the crash, you could still have a personal injury case.

After an accident, auto accident victims often make the mistake of trying to minimize the ordeal they have just experienced. The attention a car accident generates can be embarrassing as well as traumatic. Many people just want to go to the comfort of home as quickly as possible rather than continuing this major interruption to their life by spending hours at a busy emergency room.

If you have been involved in a serious car crash, you must follow the advice of the EMS personnel and get immediate medical attention even if you aren’t certain you have been injured. Many serious injuries do not immediately present symptoms.

If you were involved in a car accident and initially refused medical evaluation and treatment, don’t be surprised by symptoms showing up later. Adrenaline can mask physical symptoms in the minutes following an accident, and some injuries such as back pain and head trauma don’t reveal themselves until hours or days later.

A thorough medical evaluation can diagnose and treat internal injuries that could save your life, and early treatment could improve your chance of a full recovery. Having a doctor’s evaluation of the car accident’s impact on your overall health will also assist you in knowing whether you need to file an insurance claim for damages, future treatment, and lost wages.

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