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A motorcyclist recently sustained serious injuries after crashing into a guardrail on the West Virginia Turnpike. Police are still investigating the accident, but reports from some witnesses indicate that the motorcyclist may have been forced off the road by a truck hauling pigs. The rider was airlifted to a Virginia hospital with serious injuries.

Six years ago, 17-year-old Eric Breeden was killed when a semi-truck ran a red light at an intersection on Route 460. According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, an accident reconstructionist determined the truck was going nearly 80 miles an hour when it entered the intersection.

In an effort to prevent future tragedies like this, Eric’s father petitioned the state to drop the speed limit at intersections along Route 460. The speed limit was lowered to 50 mph at intersections and warning lights have been installed to alert truckers and other drivers that they are approaching a traffic signal.

Injuries to Occupants of Passenger Vehicles

Accidents like Eric Breeden’s and others highlight the dangers of truck accidents, especially when those accidents involve cars and other, smaller vehicles. Due to the disparity in size, victims of truck accidents often experience severe injuries such as spinal or traumatic brain injuries, or even death in some cases.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases have strict timelines for filing claims and it is important not to let these pass by. If you have been the victim of or lost a family member to a trucking accident, it is important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who will try to get the recovery you need.

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