Things to do in West Virginia

West Virginiahas some of the most breathtaking scenery on the east coast. Travelers who love outdoor adventures will not run out of exciting things to do here. Tourists can go camping, caving, hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, boating, and rock climbing. Although many visitors come to West Virginia for the beautiful landscapes, it offers much more in the way of tourist attractions, from the exquisite Greenbrier and the historic Harpers Ferry to some unique attractions. These are some of the interesting things to do when visiting West Virginia.

Harpers Ferry

The magnificent Shenandoah River intersects with the Potomac River at this little West Virginia town, which was the location of abolitionist John Brown’s raid on the US arsenal in 1859. This event expedited the onset of the Civil War. In Harpers Ferry National Historical Park you’ll find various historical exhibits, programs, and museums, plus miles of hiking trails. Tourists can also visit the rocks where the two rivers meet and hike up to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and the ancient cemetery on the nearby hill.

Blackwater Falls State Park

The name Blackwater Falls was coined from the dark waters of the Blackwater River. It drops sixty feet over sandstone ledges. Tourists can make use of the viewing platforms that are made accessible year long. Other amazing places to visit in the vicinity are Elaka Falls, which cascades down the canyon wall and can be reached via a short trail, and Pendleton Falls, easily visible from a roadside pull-off. The park also has a boating lake, and visitors can also go camping, fishing, and swimming.

The Greenbrier

This popular West Virginia tourist spot is located in White Sulphur Springs, which has been used as a natural spa since the 1700s. This splendid hotel has hosted 26 presidents, foreign dignitaries, and royal guests, including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. Aside from its luxurious heritage, it has also played historic roles. During the early part of WW II, it served as a detention center for Japanese and German diplomats who were in the US when war was declared. Later on, it was used by the US Army as a hospital where nearly 25,000 people were treated. This prestigious attraction has earned its designation as a National Historic Landmark many times over.

Whitewater Rafting

West Virginia is one of the top spots for whitewater rafting enthusiasts. It has many rivers offering world-class rapids for experts, and others are perfect for less experienced rafters. Go to the Gauley River National Recreation Area where you’ll find the Gauley River. This river flows at high speed through valleys and gorges, offering the thrill of a lifetime to experienced tourists. It is even nicknamed the “Beast of the East.”

The Mystery Hole

This West Virginia attraction was opened in 1973 by its original owner Donald Wilson, after discovering an underground area that defies the laws of gravity. It has an odd-looking gift shop that’s painted in vibrant colors and decorated with eclectic objects like a sawed-off VW Beetle that seems to be crashing into the establishment. On the front door, you’ll be greeted with a huge gorilla statue. However, the fun really starts downstairs. Expect to see a ball roll uphill and a person sitting on a chair that’s balanced on a wooden strip on a wall.

West Virginia is the perfect destination for people who crave excitement and adventure. It has many places and attractions for every type of tourist. Whether you are looking for interesting places or you want to explore nature, you’ll surely find something here in West Virginia.