Every day working and single parents in West Virginia place their children in some form of daycare.  Child care services are available in private homes or professional facilities, but regardless of the location, childcare providers are expected to be trustworthy and educated professionals. When they fail to meet their duties towards clients and their children, the results can be disastrous.

In a recent Morgantown WV lawsuit, the parents of a six month old baby are suing a local daycare after a caretaker allegedly twisted the baby’s arm causing several injuries to the child including a broken arm.

The 22 year-old caretaker was arrested in 2013 for the incident and charged with felony child abuse. Her case is still in the court system.

A witness stated that the babysitter “stormed” over to the crib where the baby was lying and twisted the baby’s arm, causing these injuries.A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Daycare Negligence and Injuries

The family alleges that the daycare had a responsibility to train and supervise its employees and to report injuries.

In the daycare’s response to the suit, it denies many of the allegations or states that the plaintiff failed to make a legal statement that requires a response.

The center also states that no member or manager was present at the time of the incident, and therefore did not have sufficient information to seek emergency medical care for the 6-month-old.

If your children attend a daycare, all of the following safeguards should be in place for the protection of your precious little ones:

•· Proof of licensing

•· National or state accreditation

•· No or low number of complaints

•· Proof of Insurance

•· Toy safety and use procedure

•· Thorough background check of all staff

•· Emergency medical treatment procedure

•· Documentation of health screens for all children in attendance

•· Health checks for all employees

•· Up to date training procedure for employees

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions – it is for your child’s safety.

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Source:  The Dominion Post, “Daycare denies allegations,” by Alex Lang, March 13, 2014.