Hoagy Carmichael, Long Distance Charity Rider

Hoagy Carmichael is the founder of Hoagy’s Heroes, a long-distance motorcycle charity ride organization established to fund children’s charities such as A Special Wish Foundation and Children of Fallen Heroes, a charity designed to help children whose parents have died in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hoagy has organized riders who have ridden over 800,000 total miles in support of Hoagy’s Heroes and has ridden over 307,000 miles covering 49 states himself, so is over-the-top qualified to instruct others in motorcycle safety.

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Bikers argue:

“It’s too hot to wear all that.”

“It’s too restrictive.”

“I’m a good rider!”

A good helmet, jeans with leather chaps, boots covering the ankles, and a riding jacket with thick elbows and shoulders and armor will give protection. You’ll look amazing!

Finally, because you know the first thing you always do when you fall is stick out your hands, wear gloves.

Dress for the Slide, Not the Ride!