The One Percent Rule

A Personal Note from Jeff Robinette:

As we usher in a new year, we are bombarded with more best-sellers to help us improve the quality of our lives. From weight loss and looking younger to becoming the youngest CEO in history, you can find advice on just about any topic. But advice is tricky. Some advice isn’t worth mentioning, much less accepting. Of course, the trick is to get good advice.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for seeking good advice — just like the Biblical admonishment to surround ourselves with wise counselors.

It’s just that most of us are too busy or tired (or both) to slug through a long read to get a nugget or two of sage advice. We prefer the drive-through experience of picking up some advice to go.

So here you go, may I introduce the 1% Rule — a nugget from some readings I have been implementing in my law practice for several years.

What is the 1% Rule?

The One Percent RuleThe 1% Rule can best be described as a positive improvement in the way we think about small things. It allows our minds to capture incremental improvements in our lives. You have heard the old saying that “Rome was not conquered in a day,” and neither will many of the challenges we face be conquered in a short period of time.

While we should continue to strive for the bigger changes we desire, we can be creative and hopeful by making small changes that improve the quality of our lives. And these small changes add up.

I stress to my staff that if we continue making small improvements to the way we help others, at the end of the year we can add up some significant cumulative benefits to our clients and friends. Some of you may be thinking that a single one percent improvement wouldn’t help that much in this or that situation.

I share your feelings; we all have needs and problems that are beyond our ability. Only God can change certain things. But there are so many things that are within our ability and responsibility to improve. So, let’s begin the new year by finding things we can do to improve our lives and, by extension, the lives of others.

Make it a great one!

Jeffery L. Robinette

National Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer