Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m attorney Jeff Robinette. I’m here to continue my discussions with you with regard to how to find the very best lawyer for your case.

The United States Supreme Court has recognized the value of having a national board-certified program in the United States for attorneys.

Unfortunately, there are only a very small percentage of attorneys nationwide who are board certified.

Many states have a certification process. Unfortunately, West Virginia is not one of those states.

So, any lawyer who wants to be board certified in West Virginia has to go through the national board-certification program offered by the National Board of Specialty Attorneys.

When you are looking for an attorney, you want to make sure that that attorney is very skilled. And one way that you can ensure that is to look for that designation of national board certified-trial lawyer.

That is your promise, your guarantee, that this lawyer has been tested and has the experience to do the type of work that is necessary to give you the best result in your case.

And you should be aware that national board-certified trial lawyers have not only had to have years of trial experience but have had to sit through yet one more board exam.

And most lawyers simply do not take that extra step to show the public and their fellow attorneys that they are skilled and qualified.

So when you’re looking for a trial lawyer, not only look for the designation of being an AV Preeminent lawyer but also look for the designation of this lawyer, if he or she has a board certification and has the experience to take your case all the way to trial, if necessary.

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