What made Mr. Miller a Five Star Client?

┬À Mr. Miller, a commerical truck driver, went to the doctor after experiencing some severe symptoms two weeks after a collision. Mr. Miller was not the driver at fault for the accident, but has been left with a permanent physical disability. He is now working at a much reduced wage, and can’t work as a truck driver as he still has permanent nerve damage and will not be physically able to resume that line of employment.

┬À He had the self-restraint to refuse a ridiculously low settlement offer from the insurance company.

┬À Dan Miller did his research and chose to contact Jeff Robinette based on credentials and experience and the fact that he had defended the insurance companies in the past.

┬À When he came in for his initial interview, he brought all information and records organized in a file case.

┬À Mr. Miller wisely did not post to social media, did not talk freely to family, friends, insurance company about his case.

┬À Kept all medical appointments, followed recommended course of treatment, kept records and kept track of his own case.

┬À He did not exaggerate his injuries, only was honest about symptoms, and was fairly compensated in the end.

┬À He was patient in waiting for best settlement, waited at least a year and a half.

┬À Mr. Miller and his family lived simply, managed to live on less until time of settlement, and found it was well worth the wait.

What Mr. Miller would tell you about the Robinette Legal Group, PLLC:

It was truly a privilege to work alongside such a deserving and responsible client. We wish Mr. Miller all the best for the future!

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Jeffery Robinette was admitted to practice law in 1991 and is licensed in all levels of state and federal trial courts in West Virginia. Mr. Robinette is also licensed in all state and federal appeals courts in West Virginia and the United States Supreme Court. As a National Board Certified Trial Attorney who has handled hundreds of motor vehicle, injury, and construction defect claims and a leading author on insurance claims settlement issues and difficulties in West Virginia, Jeff Robinette is uniquely qualified to represent your best interest.