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Brooke County WV Pipeline Explosion

Fourth Major Pipeline Incident or Explosion this Month A gas pipeline in Brooke County exploded on Monday, January 26, 2015, rocketing up a fireball hundreds of feet in the air, melting the siding off a house, and damaging an electric line. The gas emitted from the pipeline burned for hours. Luckily, no one was hurt…

Subsidiary of ExxonMobil Ordered to Pay for Clean up of Polluted Waterways After Drilling

CompanyOrdered topayfor damage from Natural Gas Extraction in Three WV Counties Horizontal hydraulic fracturing hasincreased at breakneck speedin WV during the past three to four years. For this reason, we are just now seeing verdicts andsettlements related to damagesto people andcontamination of their landwhich have been linked to fracking operations. A subsidiary of ExxonMobil will…

Lawsuits Filed for Blasting and Explosions Damage to Homes and Property in West Virginia

Posted On August 8, 2014 I Firm News,Property Damage

Monongalia County couple Sues for Damages from Blasting A Monongalia County has filed a lawsuit after their home was damaged by blasting work which was occurring for the construction of a new natural gas pipeline causing more than $100,000 of damage. The new gas line will run from Harrison County, through Mon County, up to…