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Should I Sign the Insurance Company’s Medical Records Release Form?

You’ve been involved in acollision, and the insurance company wants you to sign a medical authorization form in order to gain access to your medical records. What should you do? West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Explains: Keep in mind that if you sign a medical authorization, you give the insurance company adjuster access to all…

Caring For The Caregiver

Changes in Your Marriage Following a Serious Injury: In the course of our business as Morgantown car accident lawyers, we have the opportunity and privilege to work with many families who have suffered losses as a direct result of an unexpected life event such as a vehicle accident or work injury. When this sudden change…

Permanent Paralysis May No Longer Be Permanent

One of the most devastating consequences of a motor vehicle collision, short of death, is spinal cord injury resulting in permanent paralysis. Thanks to new research, there is new hope for car accident and motorcycle accident¬†victims and their families. Experiments conducted by the University of Louisville and the University of California have restored voluntary lower…