Honda Recalls Odyssey for the Third Time in Less Than a Year

An automotive part or system that fails at highway speeds can result in a catastrophic accident, causing serious injuries or death. Defects in a vehicle’s seatbelt, airbag, or fuel delivery system, brakes, accelerator, or engine system, are common culprits of these catastrophic injuries.

This week, Honda announced it is recalling nearly 900,000 minivans for a defect that could increase fire risk. This is the third recall in less than a year involving the Odyssey. In November, Honda recalled 2007 and 2008 models because of a computer malfunction that could cause “heavy and unexpected braking.” Two months earlier, Honda recalled 2003 and 2004 Odysseys due to possible airbag deployment that could take place without the vehicle being in an accident.

This most recent recall includes some Honda Odysseys of model years 2005 through 2010. Honda said it knows of no fires or injuries as a result of the issue with the fuel pump filter, but they have discovered that “Prolonged exposure to acidic chemicals and a high temperature environment may cause the cover of the fuel pump strainer to deteriorate prematurely in a manner that can result in cracks in the material.” Fuel can then leak out, increasing risk of fire.

The Honda Company will provide temporary repairs until replacement parts become available this summer. So, you may have to take your vehicle in twice, but the safety of your family may depend on it.

Toyota Agrees to 1.2 Billion Dollar Settlement for Safety Defects

With the announcement of the largest settlement ever with an automaker this week, Toyota agreed to a $1.2 billion settlement to end a U.S. Justice Department criminal probe into its handling of safety problems.

“The $1.2 billion payment represents the largest criminal penalty imposed on a car company in U.S. history. This is appropriate given the extent of the deception carried out by Toyota in this case. Put simply, Toyota’s conduct was shameful,” Attorney General Eric Holder said.

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