Morgantown, WV:  On the morning of Friday, August 19th, 2022, an impaired Morgantown man caused a multiple-vehicle accident on the Westover Bridge, resulting in two people being transported by ambulance for injuries.

First of all, this five-vehicle collision on the Westover Bridge was no accident.  It is never correct to refer to a devastating crash caused by a serial intoxicated driver as an accident.  This was wonton negligence and complete disregard for others on the road, pure and simple.

Morgantown emergency crews responded to the scene of the crash at approximately 8:47 a.m., according to a criminal complaint, and were told by dispatchers that four cars were involved.  The collision occurred in the lanes heading into Morgantown from Westover.

The injured people were reported as bleeding, screaming, and a woman was lying on the ground next to her vehicle.  Mon EMS responders treated the injured including this woman.  She was able to identify the driver of the vehicle who caused the multi-car collision after officers caught him.  According to the complaint, officers said the man was unstable, his eyes were glossy and bloodshot, and he was nodding off as if he was falling asleep.

The driver was arrested and charged with third-offense DUI and DUI involving injuries.

So, this devastating incident was no accident.  It was a completely avoidable tragedy that would not have happened had the man who is facing criminal charges stayed home and off our Morgantown roads.

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